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After Overriding Smartphone Market, Popsocket Marches Towards Beverages

The Colorado-based privately owned consumer-electronics startup, Popsocket, has sustained a significant position in the smartphone accessory market. The company was established in 2012 and last year, it generated revenue of $90 Million, which is quite a huge amount for a small-scale company.

After achieving success in accessories manufacturing and sales, now Popsocket is marching towards the beverage market, first reported by Delish. It sounds weird that a little foldable smartphone holder developing company is now entering the refreshments market.

Even though there is no similarity between current and aimed business of Popsocket but gripping accessories designed by the startup can be used in holding both smartphones and beverages tumblers. The new cupholders manufactured by the startup will come in a range of designs, colors, and shapes are available online.

On a related note, the Virginia-based beverage cum technology startup, LifeFuels, which has won the CES Innovation Award 2018, announced a few days back about the launch of its innovative product, smart nutrition bottle. The product is designed to urge consumers to adopt a healthier lifestyle, remain hydrated, and follow nutrition habits. LifeFuel’s product is a three-part system comprises a smart water bottle, nutritious and flavorful multi-serve FuelPods, and a smartphone app that tracks both nutrition and hydration. Exploiting the resources gained from the Series A investor and associate, Keurig Dr. Pepper, the startup is reformulating the way through which consumers stay healthy and hydrated by drinking delicious and nutrient enhanced beverages.

For the preparation of customized beverages, users don’t have to add and dissolve flavored & nutritional content in water, but just need to touch or swipe the button in the app. The 500 ml battery-powered bottle holds three flavored FuelPods, which can prepare up to 90 customized beverages.

The startup has released FuelPods in a wide range of flavors, comprising lemon-lime, blackberry acai, peach, and more. These flavored ingredients are coupled with functional ingredients like antioxidants, electrolytes, and energy boosters.

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