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Chipotle Is Renovating Its Restaurants To Serve Mobile Orders Better

No one needs to wait in queue for their order of Chipotle, and truthfully, most users do not wish to speak to anybody either. For those factors, the “digital business” of Chipotle—orders placed online, via the app, or via 3rd-parties such as DoorDash—has increased to $1 Billion. Now, Chipotle claims it is going to make the process of digital ordering even enhanced with new designs for restaurant optimized for pickups.

Instead of placing all of the pickup orders on a packed out shelf, Chipotle will try pick-up portals and walk-up windows. The info is still vague, but Chipotle claims the alterations will make it simpler for digital users to get their food.

You may see the new layouts emerging in Cincinnati, Chicago, San Diego, Phoenix, and Newport Beach. Chipotle will try its “new design” in new restaurants, comprising a standalone restaurant coupled with a Chipotlane, an urban storefront, and an end cap department with a Chipotlane. It will also retrofit two current spots. With any chance, Chipotle will receive its burrito-providing drones flying in more locations soon, as well.

On a related note, it just became very simple to have Mexican meal at your door. Chipotle earlier rolled out an Alexa skill that permits users order your favorite food again for delivery. If you like a picky burrito bowl, you can have it delivered without using a finger. You cannot start an order from ground, unluckily, but it overtakes having to search through the mobile application when you are already hungry.

To make the feature more helpful, Chipotle is even attempting a promotional act by committing free Amazon Echo Dots to all members of Chipotle Rewards named Alexa. We wonder how many users will end up getting that offer. Hopefully, if your name is Alexa, you may get one.

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