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Microsoft Might Be Developing A Next-Gen Disc-Less Xbox

Just when it appeared plans by Microsoft for its next-gen Xbox device Project Scarlett were getting easier, there is a new wrinkle to the story. As per Jason Schreier of Kotaku, Microsoft is operating on a disc-less, more affordable edition of the console named “Lockhart.”

Unpacking what that indicates needs a small brief. Back when speculations of Project Scarlett first began to emerge last year, publications such as Thurrott recommended that Microsoft aimed to launch two machines: “Lockhart,” an affordable cloud-derived machine with minimal local computing abilities; and “Anaconda,” a conventional device with high-end specs. The pitch of Lockhart was that it had just sufficient processing energy to manage “particular jobs such as image processing, controller input, and essentially, collision detection.” In this manner, the device might let you to stream a title without any of the customary limitations related to the tech such as input delay. In later rumors, the aim of Lockhart appeared to jump from a cloud streaming machine to a more conventional device.

The essential enhancement is that when Microsoft lastly shared official info on Project Scarlett in June at its latest E3 keynote, Phil Spencer (Xbox chief) did not mention an affordable device at all. In fact, when he was later asked about the chances of various Project Scarlett devices by media, he claimed, “Earlier we mentioned about consoles and we have shipped a device and we have now detailed one more device. I think that is plural.” Subsequent reporting by different media outlets recommended Microsoft ended plans for Lockhart various weeks before it declared Project Scarlett at E3.

Coming back to today’s report, it now appears that Microsoft is once again at least mulling over on a second edition of Project Scarlett—though that does not mean the 2 consoles will come out simultaneously next holiday season.

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