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PepsiCo to come up with the coffee-cola drink before Coca-Cola

It seems that PepsiCo may be on its way to beating the rival Coca-Cola in the market with a beverage that has a coffee flavor.

In the month of April, there are Twelve-ounce cans which are going to arrive in the stores of United States of Pepsi café however they are only going to be available for a limited period of time.

The version of Coke which is known as the Coke Plus Coffee can be found in the markets internationally however the company has not announced a launch in the United States in spite of the months of speculation.

The vice president of marketing for Pepsi, Todd Kaplan has said that they want to reach the markets first and launch this in an appropriate manner.

The product is going to be available in two flavors which are vanilla and original. The cola beverage is going to have close to twice the level of caffeine which is available in the usual Pepsi.

This reintroduction of the drinks that have coffee has come as the consumption of soda has declined continuously every year. However, Pepsi and coke have placed their bets on the consumers would be fond of a drink that is going to combine the tastes of coffee and soda flavors.

The two giants of the beverage industry have made an attempt to come up with similar drinks in the past as well with the Pepsi Kona in the year 1996 which was short lived. There was another variant which has been tried internationally in the year 2004 which was known as the Pepsiccino.

Both the companies have said that these failures are going to act as the learnings for the relaunch of the drink.

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