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First Polio Case In 30 Years In Malaysia Detected

The first case in as many as 27 Years has been reported in Malaysia of the disease Polio as per the authorities. On Sunday, they announced that a baby who was three months old had been diagnosed with the disease on Borneo Island.

The director-general of the Malaysian health ministry has said that the baby who had been from Tuaran in the state of eastern Sabah had been admitted to the ICU after he had been experiencing weakness in muscles and also fever as symptoms.

The man named Noor Hisham has said that the child has been undergoing the treatment in a ward that is isolated and is in stable condition though he needs support for respiration.

Polio is a disease that can be highly infectious due to its virus and has no cure at all but can be prevented with many doses of injectable and oral vaccines. This is a disease that affects the spinal cord and the nervous system of the patient. In rare cases, this disease can also lead to the death of the patient.

In the last 30 Years, the world has been able to make a lot of big strides in the battle that it has been fighting against polio. The WHO has said that just 33 cases had been reported in the world during last year.

Malaysia had been declared free of polio in the year 2000 and the last case took place in the year 1992.

This diagnosis has come after the case in the Philippines which was discovered in the month of September and had been the country’s first polio case in the last 20 Years.

Noor Hisham has also said that the results of the test show that the child had been infected with the strain that has genetic links with the virus that had been detected the Philippines.

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