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Trade Disputes Settlement System Facing A Crisis

Recently the World Trade Organization has been facing many problems regarding the solving of disputes between its member countries.

The appeal court which is the final arbiter during resolving the disputes is about to be dysfunctional. According to the rules of the world trade body, which ensure that fair global trade practices are used for resolving disputes, each case has to be heard by a minimum of three judges. However, on coming 10th December, that number will remain to just one as the terms of the other two judges have come to an end. To date, no replacements have been chosen for the outgoing judges.

In fact, there has not been any recruitment procedure on the way to select the new judges. The US government has refused to hire any new judges as of now. Other WTO member countries have repeatedly asked the US to resolve the matter so that the pending cases could be solved. But despite more than 100 countries being on side the US alone is on the other side.

The WTO is the global world trade body that is almost a quarter of a century old. One of its main functions has been to resolve disputes among its member countries. Its decisions are also held by all the member countries but unfortunately it in danger of seizing up.

In such a case, the member countries have other options available to them in the absence of an appeal court but that means going to the second-best appellate body whose decisions may not be accepted by all the countries.

For more than 16 Years, the US has been raising several concerns regarding the Appellate body’s overreaching and has disregarded the rules set by other WTO members. This is not the first time that the US has been uncooperative of the apex trade body. The same type of instance had already occurred under Obama’s administration.

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