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Google Demonstrates Stadia UI And Lists Numerous Missing Launch Features

In a run-up to this week’s Stadia launch, Google did a Reddit AMA shocking how casting of game will operate for the streaming platform. Andrey Doronichev (Director of Product for Stadia) and Beri Lee (publisher lead) also disclosed all the stuffs that will be missing during the roll out, and unluckily, it is a huge list. That comprises support for current Chromecast Ultra machines (you will require a firmware upgrade that will be given after launch), game-sharing features such as Crowd Play, family sharing, and more.

So a number of major functions will be absent when Stadia first launches. Hence, you have to think why Google did not push the roll out date back a few weeks. For example, your current Chromecast Ultra will be of no use when the first Founders Editions comes. Rather, only the Chromecast Ultras that comes with the controllers will have the needed upgrade to play the titles. “We will be upgrading the current CC Ultra’s soon over the air post launch,” Doronichev claimed.

Also missing will be State Share, Stadia Connect, and Crowd Play, functions that allow users place content into games and join other games. The first Stream Connect title will not come till the end of 2019, and Crowd Play and State Share titles “will be launched in 2020,” claimed Doronichev.

Family Sharing will not come until early 2020, and meanwhile, Google claimed that you will have to purchase a second copy of a title for account of your kid. On the other hand, you can at least mange what they play with the help of parental dashboard.

Founders Edition purchasers will be dissatisfied to know that they will not have any buddies to play with, either, as Buddy Passes will not be launched out for weeks after the release. Those might have permitted you to offer your friend a 3-month subscription to Stadia and were a major selling point of the Founders Edition.

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