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EVs Outperformed Manual Transmission Vehicles Last Quarter In The US

While EVs have some method to go prior to they are as omnipresent as gas-based vehicles, demand is on the verge of increasing. So much so that they outperformed manual transmission cars last quarter in the US, as per info from J.D. Power (the research group).

Almost 1.1% of car purchasers opted for vehicles in Q3 with clutch pedals, while 1.9% selected an EV. Tyson Jominy (J.D. Power exec) recommended to media that dropping sales of manual transmission were down to “the discontinuation of a number of sub-compact and compact cars.” Those were often witnessed as an affordable method to purchase a new vehicle.

The data shows that, while some firms still provide manual transmissions, they aim to be discovered in niche or performance cars as compared to mass-market vehicles. As Jominy recommends, manual transmissions for quite some time have been on the outs. EVs were capable of bypassing them in sales within almost a decade of launch.

Environmental issues and cheaper EVs making their way into showrooms may be other reasons in people selecting an EV over one having a clutch pedal. If interest in manual transmissions carries on falling, it is not difficult to picture that automakers at any real scale will end making them. Yet, all might not be lost if you need the best of both ends: Ford just disclosed a “one-off” electric car along with a gear handle.

On a related note, if Nissan is going to develop production editions of EV concepts such as the Ariya, it is going to require significantly more from its electric power plants. Luckily, that process is well in development. The firm has disclosed a Leaf-supported test car that bundles all-wheel drive and dual motors, offering both much more power and greater control. The prototype car makes peak output of 227kW (almost 304HP).

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