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The Strict Law For Childhood Vaccination Will Have Average Impacts Only

Earlier in 2016, California Govt. tightened the childhood vaccination law all over the state. As per the law stated in senate Bill 277 (SB277), the parents were barred from not vaccinating the children due to their personal as well as religious beliefs. In Academic year 2016–2017—as the law was set in the action for the first time— the vaccination rate among the group ‘kindergarten’ raised by 2.8%, from 92.8% to just 95.6%.

As reported by the analysts, the increase in percentage was not due to awareness or consciousness about health but was due to the strict implementation of the law. The law was able to increase the vaccination by just 1%. Remaining rise was from the majority of students in compliance with the law.

In a study published on Monday, the researchers have came to the conclusion that the impact of this strictly regulated will not be as high as expected. It will gain an average success in increasing vaccination rates by 2027.

According to the research by Times, the increase in number of homeschooled kindergarteners and those who haven’t been vaccinated is quadrupled. Also there is one more thing that has put the public health advocates in the worry which is 70% increment in medical exemption —most of them are illegally penned by physicians—in last 2 years.

As per stated by Paul Delamater — lead author of the study and geography professor, University of North Carolina— the law fails to change beliefs about vaccinations. People are smart enough to find a way to bypass the law. The loopholes, such as exempting homeschooled children as well as students having non-medical exemptions from vaccination, have already made it easier to avoid the vaccination process.

One of the authors of SB277—Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento)—has declared the study as an understatement of this surmountable law’s success. If the law was not made, the exemptions due to beliefs would have increased continuously, he added.

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