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Novel drug likely to reduce dermatitis with just one dose

Dermatitis is a health issue where the skin gets dry, sore and irritated. Nearly about 16.5 million Americans have this atopic Dermatitis. There is no permanent cure to Dermatitis as of now. But doctors can give medication to lower the severity when it gets unbearable. Change in body creams, diet plans and lifestyle are few options.

Immunosuppressants are another viral medication for the symptoms. It contains Methotrexate and Ciclosporin which are known for their immune system dampening effect towards the atopic Dermatitis causing allergens. But these methods have side effects like headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. Therefore researchers are always in the search for alternative options to fight Atopic Dermatitis.

Recently, a team from the Oxford Univ. UK, has suggested the drug “Etokimab” to use against the chronic disease. The research was funded by AnaptysBio, an antibody development company for the clinical stages.

During the study, 12 participants, who suffer from atopic Dermatitis, were given a dose of Etokimab each. The drug targets to dampen the effects of interleukin 33 (IL-33), signaling module, which is responsible for immune responses. After 29 days, almost 83% of participants reported an improvement in their condition. The severity of the symptoms was reduced by at least half in each case. There was a 40% reduction in the Eosinophil immune cell in the blood of the participants. This immune cell decides the sensitivity of humans towards different allergens.

This is the first time that the effect of IL-33 blockage has been studied for reducing Atopic Dermatitis. Lead researcher and Professor Graham Ogg said that the results are very encouraging. The team is also studying the effectiveness of Etokimab in resolving other immune system issues in the human body.

During a study, researchers gave the participants a placebo injection followed by an infusion of Etokimab after a week. After four days of each injection, the patients were given house dust allergens and a placebo substance on their right and left arms, respectively. The neutrophil activities were less after one day in the spots where allergens were injected. The team believes that this finding shows the ability of Etokimab to tackle multiple immune system issues.

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