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Skydio’s Self-Flying Drones Could Be Autonomously Charged

Many of the companies will have access to Skydio’s flying drones in the coming years. The self-flying drones will have the capability to stay in the air for longer hours. The most recent is Skydio 2 Dock system that has the feature of charging itself and program virtually without any human help. This automated robotic flyer is designed to use inertial and visual navigation to reach the charging pad that rests on a box serving two purposes. One is to provide power and the second is to transmit data with the help of Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Even a carry-on suitcase could possibly provide shelter to the Dock.

Skydio 2 Dock system’s smaller size makes it ideal for field deployments like search-and-rescue operations performed at the time of natural disasters or security patrols. The multiple drones are generally required in case of too many flights and thus, an hour of charging makes it difficult. However, human interventions like plugging or swapping batteries are all not needed in case of the Dock. Skydio has not disclosed the pricing but has guaranteed to make it available for all. By 2020, the customers can have their drones flying. The legal challenges are higher compared to that of technical. The US and other nations have certain drone rules like human operators are mandatory; thus, the company has to choose places it prefers to provide services to. The regulators, however, still hold the complete responsibility to let the drones fly or not.

Similarly, Skydio’s drones are being eyed by GoPro as it had wished to create something similar. Last year, GoPro had introduced GoPro Karma, which is a drone that the company created to compete with DJI Mavic. However, the drone was found to have crashed down from the sky. Thus, it is being assumed that GoPro and Skydio’s partnership could help Skydio’s technology.

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