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Older People Urinate Frequently During The Nights

The issues related to aging are currently found to be doubling and to top it all, the conditions are only worsening. Some of the physical issues include arthritis, neuropathy, joint pain, hair loss, and others. One of the most embarrassing is the problem of frequent urination and it still remains an untouched subject. The aged group is found to urinate many times and thus, there are cases where they are unable to make it to the bathroom. The younger generation also does urinate frequently but their controlling power and number of times they visit the washroom is comparatively low.

According to Urologist Marcos Del Rosario-Santiago, the loss of sleep is said to be the major cause of low productivity and mood swings. However, one of the most annoying is the task of urination which affects sleep. The increase in urination could also be due to some other serious health issues. It is thus advised by many health professionals that keeping track of one’s health is very important. The urinary condition could be due to symptoms like nocturia. Nocturia could start in women in their early 30s and in men above 50s. The mystery surrounding why people need to urinate so frequently at night is still unclear. Nocturia is believed to be caused by alcohol & caffeine intake, urinary tract infection, sleep problems, medications, or diabetes. The failure in the urinary system could also be a high possibility. The dietary and medication changes could probably help reduce the visit to the bathroom.

Similarly, it is an old practice of having blood and urine tested to detect any kind of infection and thus, it is now being questioned that why have people without any urinary tract infection, lower abdominal pain, no blood in the urine, or fever to get their urine tested. The major goal is to avoid needleless tests as the prescription of medication relying on the urine or blood tests without any much of knowledge is proving risky.

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