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Mosquito-Killing Pesticides Is Found To Kill Other Pollinators

In Southern Michigan, the officials found that the pesticide that is being used to kill the deadly mosquito-borne virus is actually killing the other insects as well. The use of pesticides to reduce the spread of Eastern equine encephalitis disease is found to instead threaten the pollinators like bumblebees and the rare Mitchell’s satyr butterfly. The killing of such rare and valuable pollinators is a danger to the environment in the future. For lowering the alarming rise of the Eastern equine encephalitis disease, the authorities sprayed 541,000 Acres as the disease caused severe inflammation of the brain and has already killed 4 in the US.

The spraying of the pesticides has already killed many of the Silphium borer moth, Persius duskywing butterfly, satyr butterfly, and other pollinators. The human health and safety are also believed to be at equal risk if the insects are finding the chemicals life-threatening. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have decided to look into the matter as the honeybees pollinate for expansion of crop field and, in turn, provide $24 Billion annually to the US agriculture. The basic plan is to halt the effect of chemicals on the environment. The pesticide is found to have no specific target and thus, there is an urgent need to have the chemical reworked again. The aerial spraying is found to kill the predators of mosquitoes like dragonflies & damselflies and worsen the condition further.

On a similar note, the Mohave County Environmental Health Division authorities had fogged specific regions including Vanderslice Road, Courtwright Road, Mountain View Road, and others in the US on October 10, 2019. After a few days of delay due to the heavy winds, the mosquito fogging was performed on the 10th. The fogging is believed to help lower the population of mosquitoes and have the spread of various mosquito-borne diseases in control.

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