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Apple Reports Around 50% of iPhones Are Running On iOS 13

Despite the rollout of bug-loaded iOS 13, nearly 50% of iPhones users have installed the new iOS within a month from the release date. The new iOS 13 incorporates system-wide dark mode and Apple Arcade-like features.

In a blog post, Apple disclosed the statistical data regarding the new iOS adoption rate. The company mentioned that around half of all the iPhones are running on iOS 13, while 41% iPhones are being operated through iOS 12 and the remaining 9% of iPhones have an earlier OS version installed. Apple has released similar information, mentioning that 55% of iPhones launched in the last four years are installed with iOS 13.

On the other hand, iPads follow a slightly different scenario. Only one-third of 33% of all the iPads have iOS 13 installed, while 51% of all iPads have older version iOS 12 version installed.

The key information regarding the relatively less adoption of iOS 13 in iPads over iPhones could be the difference in the launch date.

On a related note, Apple has succeeded in retailing its most-recent launches, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models. Bloomberg has reported that the company has sold more iPhone 11 models than it was expecting. Earlier, Apple set the target of selling 70-75 Million new iPhone units throughout this year. Now, the company has been stretching the sales target by extending the estimated sales. Markedly, Apple CEO Tim Cook also informed a German-based newspaper regarding the head start for new iPhones.

The two key factors bolstering the success of the iPhone 11 series are the lower price range and the appropriate time for upgrading older iPhones. The price of the basic model of the iPhone 11 series is $699, which is less expensive than the last year-launched iPhone XR with a price tag of $749.

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