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Excess Of Vitamin B Supplements Can Lead To Hip Fracture

It is a known fact that several healthy people take high dose of vitamin B supplements. Many of them take the supplements to be on the safer side, believing that it might be good for their wellbeing. The scope of this varies mainly from region to region. It is not normal to sell high dose of vitamin B across Norway, but they are however easy to gain through the internet. Nonetheless, the high dose has no health-improving effect on healthy people. Vitamin B supplements should be taken only when there is deficiency. New research showed that there is an amplified peril of hip fracture in women who consume high dose of vitamin B6 with high dose of B12. Professor Haakon E. Meyer along with his partners from Harvard University studied data from the Nurses’ Health Study. The study included over 75,000 women from the U.S. The research was issued in the journal JAMA Network Open.

This is a type of study that is carried for a long period of time and report who develops injuries or diseases. During the study, women methodically stated their diet and dietary supplements. Professor Meyer said, “The study is convenient to Norway, although American women take more supplements than their Norwegian equivalents.” The participants were administered a high dose of vitamin B and placebo. The study showed that women who received high dose of vitamin B6 plus vitamin B12 had a considerably amplified risk of hip fracture. Reportedly, B12 alone did not lead to increased risk, Professor Meyer pointed out.

Lately, Harvard University was in news as its study reported a map showing gene interactions can cause new cancer treatments. About 150,000 cancer-related casualties can be attributed yearly to EBV (Epstein-Barr virus), partly owing to the lack of effective treatment alternatives. At present, a research team has produced the first inclusive map of interactions amid the host cells in EBV-linked cancers and genes of the virus, which is the knowledge that can lead to novel treatments. The research was collaboration between scientists from the NIH (National Institutes of Health), Purdue University, and Harvard University.

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