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The Ringed Planet Has 20 New Moons Rotating Orbiting It

Jupiter has now got competition in terms of moon count. Saturn seems to have more moons added to its orbit. The ringed planet in our Solar System has shown the presence of 20 new moons and they have increased the count from 62 to 82, which is three more than Jupiter. Researchers have found these moons to be 3 Miles away and have 17 retrograde orbits, which means rotating opposite to that of the planet’s movement. The 17 of the moons take around 3 Earth-years to complete an orbit around Saturn, whereas the rest 3 take 3 Years to orbit the planet in the same direction. The studying of these moons can help unravel certain facts about the origin of Saturn and its moons at the beginning. The researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science found the smaller moons of Saturn to be the leftovers of a larger moon that may have orbited Saturn before being destroyed.

The grouping of the moons is similar to that found around Jupiter. There may have been violent collisions that took place among the moon in the Saturnian system or else another object like comet or asteroid must have hit the moons. The current discovery is similar to that of last year’s discovery of Jupiter’s 12 moons. The planet formation can be given a completely new perspective through such moon discoveries. The biggest of the telescopes are being used to find such new moons orbiting the giant planets. The Solar System and its planet formation or evolution can be determined through the moons. There is a contest that will be held to name the 20 moons of Saturn.

Similarly, the researchers have, recently, found Saturn’s extremely cold moon, Enceladus, to have organic molecules present on it. The Pakistani-German Astrobiologist Dr. Nozair Khawaja along with his team is believed to have found the compounds that could possibly be the signs of life on Saturn’s moon. The extreme cold cancels the chances of survival but the presence of the ocean on the subsurface, on the other hand, enhances the probability of life on the moon.

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