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YouTube To Cease Its Leanback Interface On Web-Based Platform

“YouTube to discontinue the Leanback TV user interface for the web”: disheartening news for several regular YouTube users. The video-sharing platform is popping up a warning note on specific devices that this version will stop operating soon. However, those users can still enjoy the YouTube streaming services on the web portal, which is devoid of easily accessible Leanback UI. Otherwise, device switching would be another alternative to easily navigate the video search and streaming services on the platform.

Google’s YouTube will terminate its incredible TV-friendly UI for computers, Raspberry Pis, and other devices for which the company hasn’t released its official app. YouTube hasn’t specified any reason for this termination. Android Police considered that the video-sharing company might be trying to obstruct the device manufacturers from distributing its official app through a browser and installing on other devices. Another possible reason behind YouTube’s Leanback UI termination is to prevent shifting its latest features on the least trendy web version.

Nowadays, Android TVs, media hubs, and consoles are being accessed by many people, on which the web version is rarely used. Therefore, YouTube can entirely focus on upgrading its official application.

On a related note, YouTube ended the recent week with two surprising announcements, of which one is regarding shutting down of Leanback TV interface; and another one is regarding advertisements. According to the latter announcement, the video-sharing platform will soon disable advertisements and paid views to predominate its YouTube Music Charts. The views derived from advertisements will not be counted while calculating the rank but will count only those views come from unrefined sources such as search results, direct link, Watch Next, and Trending.

According to several reports, these paid advertisements and views are helping artists to juice up the views on their newly debuted songs. That’s why YouTube has decided to incorporate some modifications.

Rolling Stone published a report in which it explained how the practice works with the support of YouTube’s TrueView ads. The release of a short version of a music video linked to the original video accounts for increasing the view count, when autoplay as an advertisement within other videos.

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